Arseny Zalyaev

urban mobile applications
Urban mobile applications are a city hallmark downloaded directly to your smartphone. They make daily life of citizens more convenient and help tourists to navigate on unfamiliar streets.
Arseny Zalyaev

years of programming experience
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Completed projects

My Route
Mobile version of the service My Route which is well-known in Omsk. It allows to view the movement of public transport on the city map. It provides arrival time predictions of the required bus, trolleybus or tram to the selected station.
Omsk Guide
The application offers Omsk citizens and guests a tour of the historic center. With a mobile guide you can familiarize yourself with the memorable places, landmarks and urban sculpture and don't miss anything interesting and important during the walks.
Omsk Region Guide
Guide tells you about the most interesting, unusual and stunningly beautiful places in the Omsk region. You will find a detailed description of the unique cultural and natural sites, advice on how to reach them, the exact coordinates of the location and the traveler reviews.
TomorrowOmsk shows main city events: concerts, exhibitions, workshops, lectures. We select only special events for you. Tomorrow in Omsk promises to be interesting.
Do you know where the «heart» of the Omsk fortress is? And where was the true banner of Ermak kept? Or what our «compatriot» is older than the oldest person in history? You know! Excellent! We have hidden 12 virtual stars in the historic center of Omsk. To find them you need to define 12 important places in Omsk and come there. Don’t forget to take your smartphone, because the star can only be found with it’s camera. All found stars will be marked on your map.
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